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How to Curate Container/carriers

How to enter what the container (carrier) has in addition to the Antigen/Immunogen:

1. Select the object type and subtype=start with the larger object (organism, plasmid, cell).

2. Within the editor, you can describe peptides or proteins/nonseq molecules (that are connected to the Imm/Ag)= capture what was expressed/transfected/etc by/in it. See the figure below.

3. Use comments to describe complicated container objects


Slide1.jpg Slide2.jpg Slide3.jpg Linker.jpg

Important Note: When a peptide linker is added to an epitope in order to link it to a carrier, the antigen or immunogen is to be curated as <Epitope>, the linker residues should be entered into the Comments on Assay or Immunization Comments fields. Linker: A linker is a few residues used to LINK the epitope to another functional unit which may be another epitope, a MAP construct, a vector, etc. The linker is not entered as carrier. If the epitope is not linked to anything else, additional residues added to a natural epitope sequence are captured according to the above figure in either comments or captured as part of a Peptide Containing the Epitope.

Important Note: Regardless of the Imm/Ag Type selected and the particular use of the Carrier, Comments, and Adjuvant fields, no single component of the Imm/Ag should ever be repeated. That is, if certain residues are captured under the sequence of PeptContEpitope as selected for Imm/Ag, then those residues should not also be entered in the Carrier field. Likewise, residues captured in the Carrier field should not be entered in the Imm/Ag field. The same concept applies to the use of the Adjuvant field.

Important Note: In the curation of MHC binding assays, the exact peptide sequence that is tested MUST be entered as the epitope. There are no carriers possible in these assay types.